A Brief History of Ethris

Legend has it that for thousands of years, the planet has served the curiosity and savagery of gods, devils, fey, fiends, and beings far more ancient than antiquity. From the chaotic waters of creation, the continent of Ethris was formed by these powerful old beings and the creatures that dwelled beneath the planet’s abyssal depths in servitude of them. As the water gave birth to land, the land gave birth to new life. Humanoid races sprung up all across the continent. Some descended from these great beings, while others were experimental byproducts of them. These experiments and squabbles between powerful beings have left much of Ethris wild and unpredictable. Through rifts between planes, creatures have been loosed onto the world over the centuries while its native inhabitants have struggled to survive the whims and desires of these beings. Most damaging of these conflicts has been the centuries-old war fought between the denizens of the Nine Hells and the Feywild for control of the Prime Material. As a result, the very fabric of the planes has been torn asunder. With the veils between realms at their thinnest, the humanoids banded together under the oath of mutual protection: to keep themselves safe against the threats of the old world. Together, the kingdoms of the new world came together to form The Spirevale.

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