About the Umbra Collective

For all of the Spirevale’s surface beauty, there are those in its back alleys and dark entries who maintain and procure its citizens more clandestine interests. One such organization is known as the Umbra Collective. The Collective is a guild of loosely knit members who sell their talents, specifically for jobs dealing with the arcane. If you need a political opponent possessed by a demon, or desire an ancient artifact to be stolen from a powerful Fey creature outside of the city, you reach out to the Umbra Collective. Its members – known colloquially as “Dusk Dogs” – hail from all walks of life. They are former soldiers turned mercenaries; druids and mages who seek power beyond that of their Circles; clerics sold into service by their temples; and rogues addicted to the thrill of the big payout! The Umbra Collective does not offer coin easily, but the coin is plentiful once earned.

That is, if a Dusk Dog survives the job.

Members are not bound by any code of ethics beyond discretion, nor do they have any well-known hierarchy. They simply come when notified by contractors known as Blackreeves. Individual Dusk Dogs are usually called to action, though teams of 2-4 are occasionally recruited depending on the difficulty and urgency of the contract.

The story of these particular Dusk Dogs is a unique in that they are a team of 5-6 members, a first for the Collective. The party is an experiment initiated by Blackreeve Mercer Margold to expedite contracts more quickly and efficiently. This experiment of his has resulted in varying degrees of success. 

The Umbra Collective, Ethris, and all associated original material are copyright © 2017 by Jack Hargreaves. All rights reserved.

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