Black Project Gaming – One Year Later

Happy Anniversary, folks!

January 8th marked one year since Black Project Gaming launched with the release of our very first episode! Since then, we’ve released 12 Delta Green episodes and 15 Dungeons & Dragons episodes. We’ve also racked up 8442 total listens/downloads and 3074 website views. What can you expect in 2020?

  • The continuation of our Delta Green, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and Umbra Collective campaigns
  • More Delta Green content, which will continue to be a Black Project staple
  • A unique and exciting take on the Curse of Strahd adventure
  • And (hopefully) more, schedules permitting!

If you’ve listened to our actual plays and enjoyed what you heard, help us spread the word by liking and sharing our posts on social media, leaving reviews on iTunes (or your podcast-listening platform of choice), and bring more folks into the fold!

We are also considering the launch of a Patreon to keep this project of ours running at peak efficiency. We’re currently considering the following tiers and rewards, and wanted to get input from you, our loyal listeners.

  • $1 Tier: A “thank you” on our website and shout out in our next episode.
  • $3 Tier: All previous rewards, plus an invite to an exclusive BPG Discord server.
  • $5 Tier: All previous rewards, plus immediate access to the raw, uncut audio from our last session.
  • $7 Tier: All previous rewards, plus a monthly GM “hot wash,” either in written or audio form, where the GMs discuss the good, bad, and ugly of that month’s sessions. Patrons at this tier can also help decide the future of BPG in exclusive polls, discussions, etc.
  • $10 Tier: All previous rewards, plus an exclusive monthly one shot run by one of the BPG GMs for four to six of this tier’s patrons.

So what do you all think? Are these rewards enough of an incentive, or do you think there’s more we should offer? Let us know by commenting, shooting us an email, or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. Any and all questions, feedback, etc. would be sincerely appreciated.

We sincerely thank you all for your continued support, and look forward to what will hopefully be another amazing year!

Delta Green – Episode 12: “Music From a Darkened Room” (Part 1)

After losing one of their own during Operation MALTA, the agents of Working Group JACKDAW are called in to investigate the death of FBI Special Agent Arthur Donnelley.  Their mission: determine how and why Donnelley killed himself at 1206 Spooner Avenue in Meadowbrook, NJ, and whether or not the residence is an active vector for unnatural forces.  As they begin their investigation, the agents soon realize that the house at 1206 Spooner Avenue is a place gone horrifyingly wrong…

Delta Green – Episode 11: “Viscid” (Part 6)

Our playthrough of Dennis Detwiller’s “Viscid” comes to a terrifying…and tragic…conclusion.  Daniel Ulee, or whatever remains of him, has finally returned home.  Working Group JACKDAW’s planned ambush quickly turns into a desperate fight for survival.  One agent pays the ultimate price in an attempt to stop the Blue Blood infection once and for all…

Delta Green – Episode 10: “Viscid” (Part 5)

VISCIDWorking Group JACKDAW scrambles to cover up the fire at the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office…and the emergence of a third Ulee-thing. With the first creature still in the wind, the team concludes it must be attempting to reunite with Isabella and Malcolm Ulee. They rush to Billings, Montana and lie in wait for its return, only to find themselves woefully unprepared for Daniel Ulee’s unnatural homecoming…

Delta Green – Episode 9: “Viscid” (Part 4)

Working Group JACKDAW returns to Seattle after confronting 1st Lieutenant Daniel Ulee…or whatever remained of him…in Clearwater National Forest.  While tensions between Agent Coldwell and Dr. Mraz reach a new boiling point, the team tries to convince Dr. Louis Stubbs to allow them to examine Amanda Griffin’s corpse.  Time soon proves to be against them, however, and the body count may climb even higher before their investigation is over…

Delta Green – Episode 8: “Viscid” (Part 3)

rosie-fraser-1L71sPT5XKc-unsplashOur playthrough of Arc Dream Publishing’s A Night at the Opera continues!  After uncovering a series of leads at Dr. Tibalt Grieves’ home and illicit lab, Working Group JACKDAW continues its investigation into what may have killed the geneticist and his girlfriend, Amanda Griffin.  It soon becomes clear that the good doctor may have been a part of something much bigger, and much more sinister, than the agents could have anticipated.  Their efforts take them from the Seattle metropolitan area to Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest, where the hunters may inevitably cross that fine line separating predator from prey…

Delta Green – Episode 7: “Viscid” (Part 2)

The men and women of Working Group JACKDAW begin their investigation into the strange deaths of Dr. Tibalt Grieves and his girlfriend, Amanda Griffin.  Their search of the Grieves residence leads to a number of unsettling discoveries, but generates more questions than answers.  As they explore several avenues of inquiry, the agents are reminded at every turn that their pursuit of the truth will inevitably exact a terrible cost…

Delta Green – Episode 6: “Reverberations” (Part 4) and “Viscid” (Part 1)

After surviving an encounter with the unnatural, the agents of Working Group JACKDAW regroup and go their separate ways.  Some attempt to find solace through therapy, while others return to old friends or the quiet solitude of nature.  After two months of some much-needed downtime, JACKDAW receives its next tasking.  They are dispatched to Seattle, Washington to investigate the mysterious deaths of a retired geneticist named Dr. Tibalt Grieves and his girlfriend, Amanda Griffin.  Complicating matters are the biohazard lab in Grieves’s garage, the fact that his corpse has broken down into a crystallized blue-black substance, and a CDC flight carrying samples from the scene crashed in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest…

Delta Green – Episode 5: “Reverberations” (Part 3)

The agents of Working Group JACKDAW continue their investigation into the potentially unnatural effects of a drug known as “Reverb.”  Why are users and dealers disappearing without a trace?  What makes Reverb so dangerous?  Who…or what…is the source of the hallucinogen?  The answers will push the investigators to the very limits of their sanity as they come face-to-face with something from beyond time and space…

Delta Green – Episode 4: “Reverberations” (Part 2)

Working Group JACKDAW begins its investigation into the return of a hallucinogen known as “Reverb.”  Their mission: determine whether or not the drug has any unnatural effects, identify the source, and cut off the supply.  What started off as a simple fact-finding operation may end up being far more dangerous than any of our agents anticipated…