Umbra Collective – Episode 02: “The Lure”

The party’s limits are tested as they continue their march towards the volcanic mountains known as the Burning Ghats in search of the fabled Fever Gardens. An encounter with a curious and ancient elemental entity may be the key to finding the location — that is, if they make it through the mountains alive.

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The Umbra Collective – Episode 1: “Blood in the Sand”

In the first broadcasted session of The Umbra Collective, the party reunites and begins to make their way further into the desert in search of a nomadic group of mysterious fey-touched beings. The party realizes after making some unsettling and grizzly discoveries along the way that they are not the only ones on the hunt.

Music and additional sound effects courtesy of Kevin Macloud at,, and

The Umbra Collective – Prologue (The Story So Far)

These members of the Umbra Collective have found themselves tangled together beyond the contracts they’ve sold their talents to. They have encountered threats on both sides of the walls of the Spirevale. They have unearthed horrors just beneath the surface of so-called civilization, and found redemption in the so-called wilds of Ethris. Together, they traverse the thin strands of a web that could unravel at any moment.

The first incarnation of the party consisted of Jacob Pike, a disgraced former colonel in the Spirevale’s Unified Guard, who eschewed quiet retirement to become a soldier of fortune; Brey, an enigmatic and haunted warrior with the rare ability to channel her lifeblood to dangerous effect; Kalana Liadon, a wood elf from a secluded druidic clan who came to the Spirevale in search of purpose, but found herself inducted into its criminal underworld as one of its most dangerous assets; Allie, an enchanting bard whose glamorous, androgynous façade belied a tragic and volatile relationship with a powerful entity; Samanthiel Smith, the sickly runt of one of the city’s founding houses whose thirst for knowledge has not only kept him alive, but driven him out of the Ivory Canopy to explore the world beyond; and Miko Ji’nara, a member of a family of powerful highborn wizards, who shirked the political aspirations of his siblings in favor of exploration. The party met under the guidance of their Blackreeve, Mercer Margold, and was hosted at the Black Dove Tavern, owned by the retired boxer-turned-proprietor, Gertie “the Gorgeous” Elisson.

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