We will be adding recordings of our Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Campaign starting with the 6th session. I will give a summary of the 5 sessions that preceded this one in another post. It might be a little bit confusing jumping into the middle of a campaign already in progress so please do read the summary of the first 5 sessions to find out what you missed.

This campaign is a departure from the serious, horror oriented games that we usually play. So don’t be surprised to hear the Black Project Gaming crew kick off their shoes let down their hair and get a little bit silly. It’s hard to not get a little bit silly in a campaign where you are searching for a guy named Floon Blagmar and the lady who buys magic items from everybody is named Obaya Uday.

As part of releasing these recordings I will be posting DM’s notes for each session. In these DM’s notes I plan to lay out tips, tricks and resources for running the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist module. I’ll also comment on how the events of each recording follow or diverge from the module as written. Because of this these posts will not only contains spoilers for the module but also may contain spoilers for future episodes. This will sometimes be necessary to explain the overarching plot of the module to put certain events in context. So be warned!

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