Map of Ethris

The geographical history of Ethris is an uncertain one, with only the most ancient beings possessing the absolute truth about its origins. What is known, however, is that over just the span of thousands of years, the continent’s very physicality has changed. Ethris is a planar warzone and its lands have suffered the scars of millenias-long war between realms. What was once reportedly a continent of even, natural temperature, has in recent centuries become harsh and divided. Ethris once experienced the seasons gradually over the course of a year, but now the Cardinal Lands suffer from specific seasonal extremes, the most harsh of which extend towards and along the continent’s border. 

The Spirevale

  • Situated in the heart of Ethris. This landlocked metropolis was built in what was determined to be the most even-tempered area of the continent. The nearby forests that surround the city hint at the extremes that make up Ethris’ coasts.

1. Harvest Crown

  • An abandoned village outside of the Spirevale, once responsible for many crops that couldn’t be grown naturally within the city. Now deserted, save for strange plantlike creatures spotted in the outskirts of the village.

2. Stonegable

  • Former mining village that was made up of primarily humans and dwarves. Scene of Pike’s Folly, an event that led to the disappearance of the entire town. A lake beneath the town was home to an unknown eldritch entity.

3. Ven’hevana

  • The largest colony of Wood Elves and druids. Surrounded by the Atmavola, a large lake with connecting moat.

4. Wightwood

  • A small thicket located in the southeastern Wilds (approx. 1200 acres), unique for its dense concentration of paper birch trees. Some unknown arcane element still lingers in the woods that has been known to reanimate the dead.

5. Holden

  • Nearby farming village, responsible for importing several key grains and crops into the Spirevale.

6. Rimekeep

  • Fabled fey kingdom surrounded by the Glasswind Forest. One of the few known access points through the Skypierce Mountains into the Gelid Coast.

7. Brohnmeyer

  • Half-desolate thorp on the coast of the Brohn River. Home to Timothie and Simona Greenfell, allies of the party.

8. Argentemsia

  • A village once known for its bustling silver trade, now abandoned. Currently occupied by a sect of drow refugees who revere the goddess Istus.

9. Gildencrest

  • Lakeside village to the Northwest. Home to a cleric of St. Cuthbert who is in possession of the stolen tongue of the deceased arch-hag Nana Myra Muckmouth, on which the true name of every hag has apparently been etched.

10. The Fever Gardens (approx.)

  • Presumed entrance to the Fever Gardens, the mysterious mountain home of the archfey Lady Slithiv and her concubine, the Opalescent Ones. As advised by Fadakka, the drow priestess of Istus, “follow the scent of fresh flowers.”

The Myrkurral Wastes (approx.)

  • Lore suggests that these treacherous swamp lands are home to numerous evil creatures, as well as “The Black Cradle”. The specific nature of the Cradle, as well as its location, are still unknown.

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