The AWoM Journal


All others, be aware that spoilers for A Wilderness of Mirrors may be discussed in the following entries.

In this journal, I will be documenting my development of A Wilderness of Mirrors, to include the setting and the campaign itself. Once the game begins, I will record and publish each session as part of the Black Project Gaming podcast. After each session, I will write an after action report to discuss what went well, what went wrong, and what could’ve been done better. I’m not doing this because I consider myself some kind of TTRPG authority, or even because I think I have something worth sharing. There are countless other personalities out there who do a far better job than I ever could of demonstrating how to build a world from the ground up and design a campaign around it (or vice versa). Rather, this is a method of holding myself accountable, of documenting my thoughts, of working through whatever obstacles may present themselves, and sharing some lessons learned. Hopefully, someone will stumble across these ramblings and find something of use. Maybe they’ll see what not to do, or read something that gets their own creative juices flowing. Maybe they’ll find a process they can refine into something uniquely their own. As long as someone out there learns something, or is at least somewhat entertained by these entries, then I’ll consider this journal a resounding success.

If there’s one thing that unites us GMs, regardless of system or rules, its our desire to create immersive and enjoyable experiences for our players. Because what’s the point if no one’s having fun?

So, with that being said…let’s begin.

A Wilderness of Mirrors, Anreth, and all associated original material are copyright © 2018 by Vincent A. Kaufman.  All rights reserved.