The Spirevale

The Spirevale serves as the bustling, metropolitan heart of this continent and is a gleaming beacon of modernity almost a century old. The wealthiest and most influential beings reside in the Spirevale’s Ivory Canopy, while those less well to-do remain below. Beyond its stone and iron walls lies the Wilds: harsh lands that are still teeming with powerful, and often dangerous, creatures. The kingdoms, villages, and other rural cultures that chose not to unite with the Spirevale did so at their own peril. Those who venture beyond the sanctuary of the Spirevale do so mostly for either glory or coin. The city itself is host to several adventuring parties who travel to deeper and deeper into the Wilds to vanquish the monstrosities that stir beyond the city walls, as well as those that may try and do harm to within. Bards the city over sing songs and weave epic tales for such parties; local nobles and businesses make special concessions for these heroes in exchange for their services; children dream of growing up to become adventurers themselves, idolizing the glistening armor, fantastical powers, and tireless bravery of these heroes. Then, there is the Umbra Collective.

The creation of the Spirevale was marked by four solar eclipses, astronomical events that signaled the gestation of a unified city between the original seven kingdoms, the construction, migration, and subsequent completion of the Spirevale. It has been almost a century since the last eclipse, though city astronomers have charted a fifth eclipse to happen very soon. 

The Umbra Collective, Ethris, and all associated original material are copyright © 2017 by Jack Hargreaves. All rights reserved.

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